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"Sublime découverte Live : une voix envoûtante, des rythmes blues passionnants et une très belle présence scénique, le tout avec des morceaux hyper prenants. La fabuleuse guitariste israélienne Rona Kenan ... C’est à la fois de la plus grande simplicité et extrêmement impressionnant... Bref, un petit bout de femme incroyable. Du pur plaisir.”

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“Rona Kenan’s magnificent electric show is a different experience altogether... for over an hour and a half Kenan just crushes the audience with spectacular guitar work.”
Einav Shif, Walla, 2012

"Breathing Down to Zero´ is without a doubt the best female rock album to have come out here in many years, and one of the best in general. She´s a fantastic composer... She sings beautifully… really a great album. Such impressive debut albums in all the years of Israeli rock could be counted on one hand. Halleluiah".
Avi Efrati, 2004

"Rona Kenan's New Album: A True Gem" ..."'Songs for Yoel' is a diamond shaped by the forces of life, death, affection and pain. It is far more than simply a beautiful album. It is a magnificent album".
Ben Shalev, Haaretz, 2009

"Songs for Yoel' appears to be Rona Kenan's most fascinating work to date."
Dudu Cohen, Rating (four stars), 2009

“Her new album:“Take off’s and Landings” Is Kenan’s most intriguing work to date”.
Einav Shiff, walla, 2011

“A moving album with an almost theatrical quality which rightly won Kenan major recognition”
Abigail wood, 2009

"A beautiful, personal, diverse and unusual rock album, with respect to both the music and the lyrics. A disk that´s simply hard to take out of your CD player… This is possibly one of the finest debut albums ever to be released in Israel."
Time Out, Tel Aviv, Sept. 2004

"Songs for Yoel' is a courageous and serious work which firmly positions Rona Kenan among Israel's most important and profound artists".
Gal Ochovsky, Time Out (Four Starts), 2009

"The voice of a modest Israeli masterpiece is the pure voice of Rona Kenan"
Guy Hajaj, Ahbar Ha'ir, 2009

"I have no doubt that ´Breathing Down to Zero´ is the best Hebrew album of the year….the debut album of an outstanding Israeli artist who is talented, smart and beautiful all at the same time. It´s a great pleasure to welcome her as the most prominent representative of the next generation in local rock."
Gal Ochovsky, Time out, Sept. 2004

"..There was always only going to be one star, and Kenan shone as brightly as ever”.
Allon Sinai, Jerusalem post, 2011

“Through Foreign eyes” raises her to a new level…. It’s hard to believe that it is credited to an artist who is only 27 years old for whom this is but her second album. “Through Foreign Eyes” has a truly impressive ripeness, which, in the musical genre Kenan belongs to, is seldom discovered at such an early career stage.”
Avi Efrati, Tel Aviv Magazine, 2007

"Rona Kenan's new album, ‘Songs for Yoel’ , is as much a masterpiece and a literary achievement as it is a musical creation inspired by the evaporating life of her father, Amos Kenan."
Timora Lessinger, Ynet (Five Stars), 2009

"Adding her impressive presence to the beautiful music she writes and performs with great skill, one understands that in Israel's present-day music scene Rona Kenan is no less than an elite genre".
Assaf Levanon, Mako, 2009

"The album is a rare and wounded work of art"
Snoonit Liss, Nana, 2009


“You won’t find anything better in the Israeli music scene today”

reads a recent review on Rona Kenan's 4th album: “Takeoffs and Landings” (2011)

One of her generation's most celebrated and distinguished artists, Rona Kenan’s dark velvety voice, coupled with her biting lyrics, virtuosic guitar playing and striking presence, have all reset the bar on what it means to be a female performer in Israel.

Kenan released four successful and critically acclaimed solo albums, three of which recently made gold status. Her theme album: “Songs for Yoel” (2009) was dubbed “a masterpiece”, “a literary achievement” and “a rare and chafing artistic product.” The album marked a turning point in Kenan's career and had won the singer, songwriter, musical producer and guitarist the prestigious “Acum (Israeli Copyright Society) Award”, as well as “singer of the year” title from major radio stations.

Since the age of 18, Rona Kenan had been collaborating with, and writing songs for her country's foremost musicians. She composed music for various films and television shows, most notably the award-winning documentary “The Cemetery Club”, and won multiple awards. She is an important champion of the gay and lesbian community and was amongst the first Israeli singers to openly speak up on the subject.

Rona’s father, Amos Kenan was one of Israel’s better known writers. His work had been widely translated and was particularly acclaimed in France.

Following a prolific collaboration in Israel, Rona joined forces with musician Asaf Avidan this past year for his European tour. Aside from playing guitar and singing vocals with his band, Kenan also opened his shows with her solo support act. She played some of France’s biggest and most famous venues to rave reviews.

These days Rona is touring Israel with her band, writing new material in her private studio and preparing for her first solo European tour.



Venue Info:Le Ferrailleur

June 2 Monday


Venue Info:Transclub

June 4 Wednesday


Venue Info:Le Divan du Monde

June 5 Thursday


Venue Info:La Péniche

June 7 Saturday


Venue Info:L’Affiche

June 8 Sunday
Box Office Information
Phone : +33 892 392 192 (0,34 €/min , France only)
or +33 149 975 191 (International)


Some Girls

Live show in Tel-Aviv

My Prison by the Sea

Through Foreign Eyes, 2007


Breathing Down to Zero, 2004

The Dead and the Junky

Breathing Down to Zero, 2004

Black Tiger

Takeoffs and Landings, 2011

Foreign Eyes

Through Foreign Eyes, 2007




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